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Add Classified Ads To Your MyWorkZone Web Site
MyWorkZone now allows you to become the owner and operator of your own classified ad web site. Set your own listing rates!

Hosting your web site on MyWorkZone allows you to join a community of classified ads. That means that you have access to display ads listed on other MyWorkZone web sites.

As a site owner, you can setup a public or private classified ad site. A public site allows ads listed on your site to be listed on other sites. A private site will only display ads listed via your site and they will not be available to anyone else.

Two sites sharing the same, public classified ads:

  • SellMyStuff.com
  • Katy Classified Ads (subset of SellMyStuff.com)

    The following features are available when you add the Classified Ads option to your web site:

    Feature Description
    User Accounts User's of your system create and maintain their own account information. The accounts are password protected. If a user wishes to create an account, there is a link on the login page that provides for this.
    Forgotten Password Users can easily have their password sent to them via email by entering the email address they used in creating their account.
    My Classified Ads Each classified ad owner has the ability to create and maintain his/her own listings.
    Search Ads can be searched by state, city, category, and keywords.
    Locale Codes In creating your site, you can choose to only display ads from specified cities rather than share all public listings. For example you can include the main city and surrounding towns/cities.
    Photos Each classified ad can support one image to be displayed.
    Search Preferences Each user can specify default search criteria. Specify the state, city, category, keywords, and the sort order. The preferences are used when the user clicks the 'Search' button. The user can always change the search criteria to display different listings.
    Sort Listings In setting the desired preference for sorting, the user can sort by ad title or by state/city/ad title.
    Add Listing Users can add their listing by entering/selecting a category, providing a title, price, and contact information.
    Email Correspondence Classified Ad owners are contacted directly by potential buyers/sellers. The email addresses are not made public. This prevents people from freely collecting addresses for spamming purposes. Anyone interested in contacting the ad owner must fill out a web form and provide their own email address. The ad owner can respond to the visitor once the email is received.
    Ad Rates As the owner of the web site, you set your own rates for listings. If the rate is greater than $0.00, then the ad owner must go through the payment process.

    If the price is zero, classified ads are automatically displayed on the site without any verification.

    Ad Payments As the owner of the web site, you decide how your customers will pay for their listings. By default, there are two methods: 1) email, 2) PayPal.

    When paying for ads, your customers can select one, multiple, or all ads. This will create an order that you must process before ads will appear on the site.

    Customer's Ads As the site owner, you can display all ads per customer using the administration web pages.
    Customized web messages As the site owner you can display custom messages on the search page of the site.
    Sales Tax Rate When setting up your site, you can enter the rate and select the state to be used in calculating the sales tax for orders.
    Display Duration The length of time that an ad will be displayed is determined by the site owner. The length is specified in number o days.
    Reports There is a number of reports that are provided to help process your customer's orders.
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