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Feature Descriptions
No Web Development Skills Required
Regardless of your technical skills, we provide a web interface that allows you to create and manage your web site. All you need to do is select the desired options, enter your content, save your work, and your site is ready for visitors. Of course, if you need our assistance, we are always here to assist you in any way possible. Don't hesitate to ask for help setting up your web site.
Content Management Tools
The web tools allow you to add, modify, and delete content. You can easily upload your documents and images. Select from pre-defined color themes or create your own. Upload your logo to display on every page of your site. Each content type has its own management window. This allows you to configure each page to make it display to your taste.
Shopping Cart/eCommerce
Adding a shopping cart to your web site allows you to sell your products and services. The shopping cart feature allows your to take orders via email or by using your PayPal business account. PayPal allows your customers the ease of paying their order with a credit card. If you only want to receive email orders, we provide this as well. Each product can be setup with or without an inventory. If you maintain an inventory, each order with automatically decrement the inventory count. Sales tax, shipping, and handling costs are also calculated to give your customers a grand total for their mechandise or service order.

Classified Ads
Add Classified Ads to your site as an income stream. You can charge your customers to place For Sale or Wanted Ads. You also have an option of including Classified Ads from other MySchoolZone or MyWorkZone web sites. This helps to increase traffic to your site and provides you with income.
Site Settings
Web Site Name - When people search for your web site, they can see the name you give it in the search results.
Web Site Password - Prevent visitors from navigating your web site unless they have the password.
Page Password - You can secure one or more pages by using a page level password. Using this option, pages that have been secured will not appear in the menus unless the password has been entered.
Web Site Keyword - Assign a keyword to your web site for use in creating a custom web address/URL and for use in searching for your web site.
Take Your Site Offline - When changes need to be made to your site, you may not want your site available to visitors while changes are being made. There is an option to make your site unavailable. This allows you to go into maintenance mode without having people see your site until all changes are complete.
Custom Style Sheet
Portions of your web site can be impacted by the use of a style sheet (css) file. You are allowed to use the default or upload your own version. Options not controlled by the css file are handled by selecting options in the 'appearance' configuration features.
Web Pages and Menu Options
Create Web Pages - Specify the page name, title, and type of content to be displayed and the page is ready for editing.
Menus - There are several options to reorganize your menu. There are also options to display an option in the vertical or horizontal menu. Menu options can also be used to launch a web address/URL.
Make Specific pages unavailable - Similar to making the entire site unavailable, there is an option to make specific pages unavailable in your site menu. This allows you to make changes to the page layout or content without being able to view the page until the changes are complete.
Custom Menu Options
We have many custom menus from which to select. There is an additional charge for this option. The menus have fly out or drop down options depending on the menu selected. The menus can be selected for the horizontal and/or vertical options. The fee includes creating the images, attaching the options to your pages. We also make color and font changes as necessary to match your site theme.
Web Page Formatting and Display Options
Templates - Select from the basic templates and customize the look and feel from the many colors and formatting techniques.
Background Colors - The background color for each section of the page (header, menu, body, content, footer) can use a color or an image.
Frame Size - Some of the web page sections allow you to modify the size and width. These include the logo, header, menu, body, and content areas.
Custom Logo - Upload any image to be selected and used as the logo for your site.
Border Color - Each content area allows borders to be used. Borders can also use any color and size specified.
Menu Bullets - Upload and use your own bullet images for your menu options.
Custom Domain Name
By default, your web site can be displayed using www.myworkzone.net. If you would like your site to be available with another name, we can host that name for your site.
Web Site/Content Updates
Make as many updates to your site as you want. Add downloadable documents, images, and content changes to make your site appealing and beneficial to your web visitors. The web interfaces makes it easy to maintain your site.
Slide Shows
Included in your web hosting is the ability to create slide shows for your photos. Slide shows have navigation buttons for First, previous, next, and last. The slide shows can also auto advance to the next photo per a selectable number of seconds.
Image Uploads
Images can be uploaded into two categories:
  • Web Images - These images are used to design your web site. They include background images, logos, etc.
  • Photos - These images allow you to display pictures on web pages.
  • Products - These images are uploaded display in your product catalog or shopping cart.
  • Image Resizing
    When 'Photo' or 'Product' images are uploaded they are automatically resize to a maximum of 400x375. This prevents you from needing special software to resize your images. However, if you upload pictures straight off your digital camera, the upload time will be increased due to the size of the file. If you reduce the size of the file before uploading, the upload time will be faster.
    Document Uploads
    Upload documents that can be downloaded by your web visitors. These documents could include classroom handouts, homework, lesson plans, schedules, and more. The file formats can be in XLS, DOC, PDF, and even GIF and JPG (images).
    The calendars option allows you to add events by date. Past events can be displayed or not depending on your need. If you choose not to show past events, they will disappear from the web page once that date has past. You also have the ability to create an Excel spreadsheet to manage your calendars. Use the template from the web site to make your entries. Then just log into your account and upload the file. After a few minutes, your data will appear on line.
    Disk Space
    Each type of account is allowed a specific amount of disk space. Disk space is used to store your images and documents. Additional disk space may be purchased as necessary.
    Email Account
    In general, we do not provide email accounts with your web site hosting service. If you use a domain name with your web site, we can provide you with an email account. This account will allow to send and receive email as with any other email account.
    Web Site Monitoring
    Your web site is monitored by WebLinkMonitor.com. This is a service that watches your site and notifies us if there is a problem.
    Web Site Traffic
    Enjoy unlimited traffic to your web site.
    Select from several reports to display information about your site.
    User Management
  • Allow other users to update content on web pages.
  • Users can only update content and are not allowed to make changes to site format, colors, or other visual changes.
  • Users can be allowed to edit content on specific pages.
  • Free Form Web Pages
    You have the ability to add pages to your site where you are responsible for the look and feel. Add any text with or with out HTML formatting code.
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