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    Web Site Name     Location     Custom Name/Keyword     Organization Type     Organization Name
1.     Art by Megan     Lubbock, TX         Other     Megan Copeland
2.     Avoid The Coin Classifieds     San Antonio, TX         Other     Avoid The Coin
3.     Buy-Sell-Trade     cincinnati, OH         Other     RNEINFONET
4.     Cassie Property Owners Association     Buchanan Dam, TX         Other     Cassie POA
5.     Cassie Property Owners Association     Katy, TX         N/A    
6.     Cassie VFD     Buchanan Dam, TX         Volunteer Fire Department     Cassie Volunteer Fire Department
7.     Cassie VFD     Katy, TX         N/A    
8.     Cathy's Cosmetics     n/a, TX     cathyscosmetics     N/A    
9.     Charles Harris Tae Kwon-do     Katy, TX         N/A    
10.     CoolSitesToVisit     Katy, TX     cstv     N/A    
11.     CUNNINGHAM GIFTS     chicago, IL         Other    
12.     DoubleTCrew     Katy, TX         N/A    
13.     EhlerFamily     Katy, TX         N/A    
14.     free product coupons     durand, MI     bandit     Other    
15.     Grandma's Sew Shop     Denver, CO         Other     Grandmas Sew Shop
16.     Hidden Lake Retrievers     Katy, TX     hiddenlakeretrievers     N/A    
17.     Katy Classified Ads     Katy, TX         N/A    
18.     MILL YARD AUCTIONS     Poplarville, MS         Other     Pine Lanes Mill Yard Auctions
19.     My Sample Web Site     durand, MI         Other    
20.     My Sample Web Site     1, 1         N/A     1
21.     My Sample Web Site     inman, SC         N/A    
22.     My Sample Web Site     Bremerton, WA         N/A    
23.     My Sample Web Site     sun city west, AZ         Basketball    
24.     My Sample Web Site     Kingwood, TX         School - High School     FFA - Humble ISD
25.     My Sample Web Site     73500, AS         Other    
26.     My Sample Web Site     Poplarville, MS         Other     Pine Lanes Mill Yard Auctions
27.     My Sample Web Site     The colony, TX         Other    
28.     My Sample Web Site     QBJwXrfTaFrQqTo, RI         Boy Scouts of America     lrkzta
29.     My Sample Web Site     ch, CA         School - Middle School    
30.     My Sample Web Site     washington, DC         Other     uptownthings
31.     My Sample Web Site     st, IL         Other     PHONESAVED LIMITED
32.     My Sample Web Site     n/a, AL         N/A    
33.     My Sample Web Site     1, 1     1     N/A     1
35.     OUR MOTHER OF SORROWS     Katy, TX     OMOSCC     N/A    
36.     POMPEY WORLD     charlotte, NC         Other     PompeyWorld
37.     San Jacinto County Fair     Katy, TX     SJCFair     N/A    
38.     SellMyStuff.com     Katy, TX         N/A    
39.     Tech Parents of West Houston     Katy, TX         N/A    
40.     The Ehler Family     Katy, TX         N/A    
41.     The Photo Outlet     Katy, TX         N/A    
42.     Thomas     chicago, IL         Other    
43.     Thomas     chicago, IL         Other    
44.     waco254classifides     woodway, TX         N/A    
45.     xxx - Bobby's Boat Rental     boats, AR     boatrentalexample     N/A    
46.     Youth Expo of Harris County     Katy, TX         N/A    
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